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About Us
CPTDC LOGISTICS BRANCH is specialized in the import and export logistics of petroleum equipments and supplies. Founded in the year of 2000, the company has always been professional
and dedicated to serve CNPC’s overseas market from day one.
Our company has undertaken the logistics development missions in numerous petroleum projects of countries including Sudan, the Niger, Chad, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Iraq,
Venezuela, Equator, etc. We have transported various petroleum equipments and supplies such as long-distance pipeline, drilling rig, oil tubing, refining equipment and marine engineering
equipment for 80 countries and regions of Americas, Middle East, Commonwealth of the Independent States, Asia, Africa and Europe serving the upstream exploration and development as well
as the downstream refning and chemical engineering.
CPTDC LOGISTICS BRANCH is now capable of providing diversified services in the fields of... [Details]